Elation Press

About Us

Elation Press made its debut in November 2010.  Elation Press Publisher Natalie Fuhr-Salvatore holds a Master of Arts in English literature and Creative Writing from the University of Alberta. As a publisher, Elation Press wants to help you publish your manuscripts and assist you with all of your printing, editing, promotion and distribution needs. We support you through the entire process!

CAST magazine was launched in the Spring of 2011. Our first title, John Hill's book SPIRITUAL TRUTHS THAT WILL SET YOU FREE came out in the Fall of 2011. We published Rod Ellis's book, KING OF HEARTS, in the Spring of 2012, which is a must-read book on the life of King David. We launched Lesley Richardson's (with David Richardson) book called THE HAND THAT WRITES THE LOVE SONG ALSO HOLDS A GUN in January 2013. This book chronicles David Richardson's life story which includes writing award-winning musician/producer, David Foster's first hit song, "Wildflower." Neil Lemke's book of poetry: THE FIELDS OF LIFE: a poet's journey, an incredible offering of verse was launched in June of 2013. Sandra Lee's amazing book of poetry, BIBLE VERSES, came out in the Fall of 2014. Neil Lemke's second book of poetry, SHACHAR, SHARDS OF LIGHT, was released in the Spring of 2015. JoAnne Brown's book, TWICE, takes the reader through her personal journey of getting healed of cancer. It was released in the Fall of 2015. We have many inspiring titles coming out in 2016!